It’s Fall Y’all!

As the colder weather approaches, we all have the same question. How can I stay warm while still looking fashionable? This fall and winter think twice before throwing out those old sweaters and cardigans! Try pairing up an old sweater with a cute new skirt. If it’s a little colder outside throw some sheer black tights under the skirt. You can pair a cardigan with a cute dress or even some skinny’s and boots.

Jeans don’t always have to mean casual while it’s never too cold for dresses! A blazer can be the answer to all of your problems. Don’t feel like wearing a dress? Skinny jeans, a fashionable tank, boots and a blazer (maybe even a scarf) can make the perfect ensemble. Stick to all neutral colors or all black with a tank that pops. A blazer can also warm you up if you really wanted to wear your little black dress and favorite pumps! While its oh so stylish, a blazer will help your figure look really slim and chic.

Staying warm doesn’t have to mean wearing a snuggie out of your house. Use these pairing tips and you’ll have no reason to give fall the cold shoulder this year!


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Is New York Fashion Week Now the Cool Kid on the Block?

By: Chelsea Lauren/Getty

Normally more commercial-oriented, NYFW staged a series of performance pieces this season rather than pure runway shows. But is it enough to unseat London as the fashion week to watch?
London Fashion Week has long been considered the “kooky aunt” of fashion weeks, as The New York Times graciously described it this week. The British fashion extravaganza has been known for shows that focus on more eccentric styles (think Alexander McQueen), versus, say, the brasher and more commercial New York Fashion Week, best known for its infamous white elephant: the tent at Lincoln Center complete with its sponsor’s Mercedes-Benz cars—oh, and some catwalk shows.

But this season, editors returned from the Big Apple gushing about bigger and brighter shows that took place in a citywide set of venues and featured more innovative performances. This development raises the question: Is the landscape of the month-long, global procession of fashion weeks changing? Or is it just that performance on the catwalk is becoming part of the show in every location, and New York is just doing it better?

At NYFW this year, Opening Ceremony presented its new collection in no less than a one-act play, written and directed by Hollywood darling Spike Jonze with help from Jonah Hill. Bad boy British-designer Gareth Pugh, on the other hand, chose to show in New York rather than his home country this season. And show he did. Performance artists entertained the audience in front of films of models showing off his new looks (the clothes weren’t even present).
Ralph Lauren staged an extravaganza in Central Park with models projected as Godzilla-like holograms on a giant screen over the lake; and Rebecca Minkoff went high-tech, handing out 3-D glasses to the audience and presenting clothes that could sing.

While London was a bit more regal, it, too, seems to be on the up.

Consider a day spent this week with Burberry in Hyde Park at the beautiful Prince Albert Memorial, where the label presented wrap-around, scarf-print coats tied with colorful netting for Spring/Summer 2015, in an airy venue decorated with insect motifs.

The afternoon continued over high tea with the hip Chinese designer Huishan Zhang at the luxurious Rosewood hotel, giving a feel of Old Shanghai seducing the fashion aristocracy, British style. “We are in London so I wanted to adapt some of the local culture,” Zhang told The Daily Beast.

One New York publicist wandering through the Rosewood declared, “You don’t find hotels like this in New York.”

Other London designers this season have indulged in the city’s history, staging their shows everywhere from Westminster Abbey to the Whitehall Palace.
“The landscape of fashion weeks is always changing and shifting, but New York has been on a roll for several years with a stellar lineup of young talent,” former NYFW executive director Fern Mallis said.
Are London and New York exchanging fashion week reputations, or is it just the nature of presenting fashion that is changing everywhere?

In both London and New York, as in Paris, designers are looking for ever-more unusual venues, and one is seeing the addition of more and more performance aspects added to the shows, like Burberry with its annual concerts.

But the real fashion week winner is Paris. The City of Light is consistently the hard-to-beat event known for spectacular settings coupled with extraordinarily crafted fashion. It will probably always be number one.

And the most notable aspect of Paris Fashion Week is that most of the big designers show without a performance, if you forgive Rick Owens for his step dancing last year. They don’t really need it!

After all, “Paris is the birthplace of fashion, it makes sense to show there,” said regular Manish Arora.

But, as the NYT pondered the question about London and its “kooky aunts,” exhausted fashion journalists everywhere began to say who cares!
“All shows [should be] in one tent in one city,” I cried. “Or better still, online,” said a colleague.


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Kelly Rowland’s Favorite Fashion Tips For Expecting Moms

By Dana Oliver, HuffingtonPost.com

When it comes to fashion, Kelly Rowland has always played by her own rules.

If you remember that super-revealing Georges Chakra gown she wore to the 2013 Grammy Awards, you’ll know she likes to have fun with her style. “We dare to be different, right?” she told HuffPost Style.

The 33-year-old mom-to-be is fearless, especially when it comes to maternity style. And as the spokeswoman for Caress, she’s teaming up with the beauty brand for an #AmpYourFab photo contest to inspire more women to live everyday more fabulously.

So we hopped on a call with the “Talk a Good Game” singer to find out what it’s really like dressing up a blossoming belly and the pregnancy skin issue that has her scared.

Are there any fashion risks you believe more moms should take?

I just encourage them to be more comfortable. The other day, I wore some vintage shirt with Marilyn Monroe on the front. And I remember somebody saying, “Are you sure you want to wear that?” I was like, “Absolutely!” I’m trying to stay comfortable and cool.

What’s been the hardest thing about dressing as an expecting mother?

You know those really cute jeans that you were able to fit like a couple of months ago? They don’t fit the same. I’ve been able to go on a nice little shopping spree, and at A Pea in the Pod I found the cutest stuff!

What’s the one beauty product you can’t leave home without?

Right now since I’m carrying the baby, it’s coconut oil. Everyone keeps tell me, “Beware of stretch marks.” And they’re scaring me a bit. I’m just being really conscious of that.

You’ve always had a gorgeous complexion, and now it’s even more luminous. Do you use any unconventional beauty treatments?

Between coconut oil, shea butter and cocoa butter, I’m pretty much looking like a piece of fried chicken right now. But I really have my grandma to thank. She gave me and all the women in my family such a lovely gift.

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Choosing the Right Valentine’s Day Gift

Are you feeling a little clueless about how to choose the right Valentine’s Day Gift?

Keep in mind that if you are dating someone, you need to acknowledge Valentine’s Day in some way. If you try to pull the ol’, “Valentine’s Day is just a Hallmark holiday and I don’t believe in it,” you will just end up in the doghouse. Trust me.

Valentine’s Day can be a tricky holiday because you want to do enough so that you get brownie points for effort but you don’t want to do too much or go over the top because that could scare someone off or give the wrong message. Doing enough means doing something, anything, even if it’s stopping at the Gristedes Supermarket on the way home and picking up candy and flowers. Doing too much means putting on the full court press for someone you barely know with flowery love cards, and dinner at the most romantic restaurant in the city like Aureole.

You need to give gifts and cards that are commensurate with the level of your relationship. This means that if you have only been out a few times, you need to pick a Shoebox Greeting card that is more playful, sarcastic and funny rather than mushy gushy. In this instance, mushy gushy will make things awkward and give off the wrong message. Just the same, if you have been dating a long time, you can’t get away with a funny card or an impersonal card and you can’t get away with just signing your name. If you have been together for awhile, your beau is going to expect a sentimental card, a Hallmark card that has script font and with a handwritten message in it from you.

 Keep in mind that women always compare their Valentine’s Day gifts, cards and experiences with their friends and colleagues. The women always do a play by play for each other, so you need to step up. You definitely don’t want your gal to be the gal by the water cooler who has nothing to brag about. You need to give her something to cluck over. And the water cooler winners are not always the ones who get the most expensive gift or were taken to the fanciest dinner. The admired woman by the water cooler is always the one who tells the most romantic story about her Valentine’s Day evening that is met with the most “Ohhhhhs and Ahhhhs” about how sweet and adorable you were. Can you be that guy?

Lingerie is a risky gift. A lot of men want to give lingerie to their ladies. First of all, they like seeing their gal in it and secondly, they think this is a good way to signal to their gal that they think she is sexy. However, if you are thinking of buying lingerie, make sure you are at the “lingerie” stage of your dating or the girl might get offended and think it is an inappropriate sexual overture. Equally, make sure that you pick tasteful lingerie- if you pick out a raunchy teddy straight from the pages of Hustler, your girl might think you don’t respect her. You can only go with sleazy lingerie if sleazy and edgy is part of your sexual repertoire with your gal; don’t use Valentine’s Day to change things up.

Make sure to choose a gift that your beau would like, not just something that you would like. For example, don’t get her tickets to a Knicks basketball game rationalizing that it’s a night out for the two of you and at least you get to see some basketball. Instead you should get her tickets to a Broadway show like La Cage aux Folles that SHE would enjoy and you should go along with a big smile on your face. And girls, don’t get him a manicure and pedicure for Valentine’s Day because you think he has disgusting feet and you think of it as a “pampering day”; men don’t find pampering to be enjoyable. Instead, buy him a day at Skip Barber race track and save the hygiene intervention for another day.

 Make sure you choose a gift that has something romantic and thoughtful about it and isn’t just practical. Don’t buy her a new blow-dryer because you know she needs one or a gift certificate to ger her hair colored. Take the time to pick out a gift she would like and wouldn’t buy herself. Or think about keeping her company while she is at the beauty salon; she will find this to be romantic.

If you can’t spend a lot of money, go with a creative and sentimental gift. Some good ideas are things like a handmade gift certificate redeemable for one back massage or a gift certificate redeemable for 5 “non- veto-able” movie choices. Or sprinkle rose pedals and Hershey kisses all over the bedroom and have a bubble bath drawn in a candle lit bathroom. Or make a mix CD of all of your honey’s favorite songs but remember it’s about his or her favorites, not yours! Gifts don’t have to be expensive to be romantic.

If you are dating more than one person at the same time, you need to make sure that you think of all of them on Valentine’s Day. It’s okay to choose your favorite for the Valentine’s Day evening but if you forget about the others, they probably won’t be sticking around thereafter. Plus, if you don’t see one of your gals on Valentine’s Day proper, you need to have a good excuse or she will be suspicious and that will get you into trouble as well.

If a “where is this relationship going” conversation starts brewing during your romantic evening (and many times they do), the best way to handle it is too focus on the romantic evening you planned and calmly suggest you save that conversation for another time.

If you got a gift for your gal and you can tell that she didn’t like it or you chose poorly, don’t get defensive, just be humble and say that you are not very good at choosing gifts and you would love for her to come with you next time and help you pick,so you can get her something you really loves. The fact that you would say something like this to her will make her feel good and will compensate for the fact that your gift was not what she was expecting.

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