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Spring into Style

By: Allie Mitchell
Sea Island Ambassador

The turn of the seasons is one of my favorite transitions to witness because trends evolve and shift along with the change in temperature. As we move away from frostier fall and winter months, and into sunshine and spring, I find myself wanting to spend less time on my hair and outfit decisions and more time outside and traveling. Therefore, it’s only natural that I am following three spring 2020 trends:

– Headbands
– Smocked tops
– Heeled sandals

Headbands are versatile and an affordable accessory option for all months of the year—but especially for spring. Whether you are on a dry shampoo day, don’t have time to blow dry your hair, or just need an extra element for an outfit, headbands have your back—or should I say head? I have found some of my favorites at Sea Island Trading Co., for example:


Smocked tops? Okay, I know what you’re thinking—there’s no way a detailed fabric that sounds like a step back in time is going to be trendy, sexy, and fashion-forward…Sea Island says think again:


I love a leather boot or closed-toe pair of pumps in the fall and winter months, but as spring circles back around, I find myself torn between not wanting to give up the extra few inches I gain from heels and my love for fun sandals. Sea Island’s new arrivals are combining these two wants!


Spring is for new beginnings and cleaning out the old (in the clothes closet or otherwise) to make room for something fresh. All of these trends are sure to be making their way to your Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest feeds—head accessories, smocked dresses and tops, and shoes that blend comfort with sandal desires. Head to Little River and explore these options seven days a week or call 843-273-0248 for more details!


Sea Island: Spartina 449 Special

By: Allie Mitchell
Sea Island Ambassador

As a young and impressionable child, Kay Stanley looked at her mother’s career as a watercolorist for inspiration. She wanted to do “art all day long” but her mother advised young Stanley to blend her love of art with the knowledge of running a business. This combination of skill and passion led Stanley to produce Spartina 449—a brand organic in its art form.

At the Women in Philanthropy Leadership Conference earlier this month in Myrtle Beach, I listened to Stanley speak about style and tell the story of how Spartina 449 came to fruition. The muse for Spartina 449 comes from Daufuskie Island—located next to Hilton Head Island—a haven only accessible by watercraft. Wouldn’t it be grand if your driveway was a waterway and your transportation was a boat? Sounds like a dream location and her art and clothes represent this as well.

Stanley jingles with charms and radiates colorful patterns when she enters a room. As a Kansas native and current resident of South Carolina, she has learned to draw inspiration from wherever she resides. A few of the pieces of advice she offered the audience at the WIPL conference include:

– There is opportunity everywhere — you just have to look for it.
– Be humble.
– Be okay with the ‘not knowing’ part of business.
– Find a passion that can earn money and always be eager to learn a new skill.

Sea Island Trading Co. offers a wide selection of Spartina 449 jewelry pieces, handbags, wallets, and several other gift items. Below are a few of my must-haves from the Songbird Pattern that just arrived and are sure to bring some color to your spring:

Island Tote:


Clutch Crossbody


Boho Maci Wristlet:


449 Wallet:


What patterns are next?
The Moreland Pattern
The Wilson Pattern

Stanley’s Spartina 449 brand is an organic art form and that’s exactly how Sea Island views individual style. They help every customer feel like a complete work of art upon leaving their store. This is a similar feeling I receive when I invest in a new pair of shoes, coat, hat, accessory, or another style-complementing item. Will you complement your style with Spartina 449’s new Spring 2020 Collection?


Baubles For Valentine’s Day

By: Allie Mitchell
Sea Island Ambassador

Three things come immediately to mind when I think about February: the Super Bowl, Black History Month, and one other…Valentine’s Day! This is a month of celebration, awareness, and love—all of which can call for a stylish piece of clothing or an accessory to complete an outfit for an upcoming party or event. 

While strolling about Sea Island Trading Co. last week, I gave myself a mission: to find love-themed jewelry, pink pieces, and maybe even a pop of red. This specialty shop did not disappoint; in fact, I found the items I would love to receive on the 14th, but also clothes and accessories that I would purchase for myself to wear to a special dinner or outing with a loved one. 

Separated by brand, here are some of my jewelry finds:


Punk Ball Hoops: $76.00


Red Lips: $74.00


Pink Lips: $74.00


Leopard Lips: $68.00


Rosé: $78.00



Love Rocks Collection Rings: $149.00 (2 colors)


Love Rocks Collection Earrings: $95.00 (Gold)



“Love” Dangle Charm Earrings: $36.50 (Gold or Silver)



Love Hoop Earrings: $95.00 (Gold or Silver)


Love Pendant Necklace: $85.00 (Silver)

In addition to the Valentine’s Day shopping and Super Bowl party prep, some other fun facts and things to plan for in February include:

– Month’s Birthstone: Amethyst
– Month’s Flower: Violet
– Chocolate Lovers Month
– Cherry Month
– Creative Romance Month
– Grapefruit Month
– Hot Breakfast Month
– Weddings Month

Speaking of, a little birdie told me Sea Island may even have a fun special leading up to this love-struck day, so stay tuned—Happy early Valentine’s Day, everyone! XOXO


2020: Brands & Trends

By: Allie Mitchell
Sea Island Ambassador

New Year—new you? How about: New Year—improved you! 

Every January, resolutions are made for the following year. We try to stick with them, but the tricky part to resolutions is that most of us make unsustainable ones. This year, I want help with one of your 2020 aspirations—an upgraded style.

Step 1: Set achievable goals. 

Step 2: Budget for self-care.

Step 3: Invest in quality people and clothing pieces. 

Before I list some of my favorite brands that will be trending this year, let’s talk about style. Style is more than a new Pixie Mood handbag, shiny Lauren G Adams ring, or cozy Barefoot Dreams pajama set. Style is more about an authentic expression of inner interests—conveyed through clothing and accessories. 

While many have written resolutions longer than their grocery list, I found myself instead daydreaming about what trends will arrive this year and how I can incorporate them into my wardrobe throughout 2020. Some Sea Island Trading Co. thoughts that have occurred to me: Layering sweaters, bringing comfortable mountain-style to coastal towns, less leggings and more denim, and chunkier rings.


Remember I said that denim would be making a comeback in 2020? Blue Revival takes classic denim pieces and uses the rustic style in some of their other clothing as well. Sea Island offers a few of these pieces along with pairings already assembled on mannequins. And, when in doubt, ask their style-savvy employees for a second opinion!


White Crow is giving me “all the feels” for Spring 2020! They consistently have some of my favorite pieces because White Crow is cozy, always trending and in season. The items in Sea Island consistently match the colors of spring, summer, fall, or winter accordingly. Be sure to go by the shop often because they bring new pieces in almost every week (and they sell fast).


Chunky rings? Yes, please! Lauren G Adams stackable rings are a classic look and honestly, I don’t think they will go out of style in the next decade. Although, I do think some other ring styles will get some attention. Chunky rings are surfacing in the media more than ever since Jennifer Lopez received a massive emerald-cut ring from her now fiancé Alex Rodriguez, and Katy Perry’s fiancé, Orlando Bloom, proposed with a ring in the design of a flower. Perry’s ring is a modern take on a classic—combining ruby with diamond to form that geometric shape.

In addition to engagement rings, costume jewelry is worn for media award ceremonies, sporting events, and everyday fashion. Lauren G Adams has pieces that resemble these rings seen in mass media recently—and with prices you can afford. (See my “Ringing in a New Decade” blog post below for a closer look at what Sea Island offers, not to mention more coming throughout this spring and summer.)


The New Year welcomes everything from kinetic, slingback sandals to ankle booties, wedges, and chunky heels. SOREL footwear blends sporty and chic, proving to be the ultimate 2020 dynamic duo (now reference my “SOREL Potential-Shoes” blog post to view some of Sea Island’s selection, along with the coming season’s). I love what this brand is doing with footwear—they are pioneer in making heels comfortable and completing a put-together look. They are so comfortable that I don’t want to take the boots off when spring comes, and I’m already excited for their upcoming collections.


Other trends and brands to come? Look for:

  • – Pura Vida
  • – Matisse
  • – Z SUPPLY
  • – Hey Dude
  • – & ALL the athleisure wear


Stay tuned through Sea Island social, calling 843-273-0248, and by visiting the shop on Coquina Harbour!


Ringing in a New Decade with Lauren G Adams

By: Allie Mitchell
Sea Island Ambassador

This year, I am ringing in the New Year with friends, family members, and new intentions. One of my goals for 2019 was to dress every day for the person I saw myself as—stylish, expressive, and defined. Depending on your life stage, this could be more casual, formal, or even timeless. Often, there is a disconnect in the style we feel we represent and the clothes and accessories we actually present to the world. 

Throughout this past year, I often thought of the phrase: dress for the job (life) you want to have. For me, that job is working in Advertising and Design in New York City—one of the capitals of world fashion. I am moving towards this goal by dressing in business professional outfits on most weekdays, and reserving blue jeans, hoodies, and sweats for the weekends. Regardless of my clothing, I always make sure to embellish my outfit with jewelry and other accessories. Some of these go-to pieces include gold hoops, diamond earrings, a simple tri-colored metal necklace, and the occasional statement piece. I found that I felt much more put together when I had a ring, pair of earrings, and/or necklace on—you probably do as well.

At Sea Island Trading Co., they have pieces to keep you golden and glowing not only for New Year’s Eve, but also long into 2020. Some of my favorites are located in the Lauren G Adams case (it’s a treasure chest in disguise). Sweet Leopard and the other highlighted collections below are fierce and sophisticated—the perfect combination for ringing in the new decade. Ranging from $49 and up, these pieces and much more can be found at Sea Island, just off the Coquina Harbour in Little River.

Sweet Leopard Stackable Ring


Sweet Leopard Earrings (lever)


Sweet Leopard Earrings (drop)


Beehive Ring


The Golden Favorites Earrings


Daisy Dreams Band Ring


Dazzling Drop Earrings


Chunky Town Ring

(All pieces are 18k gold plate featuring enamel and/or cubic zirconia along with the LGA signature daisy.)

The arrival of 2020 brings new fashion trends, but more importantly, offers an opportunity to uncover your own style—something that is much more valuable than any trend. These timeless Lauren G Adam’s pieces are a step towards pizzazz, which is a must-have for the new decade.

Be sure to visit Sea Island before 8:00pm closing on New Year’s Eve (reopening January 2nd) or call 843-273-0248 and our stylish employees will assist you on pricing, availability, holding, or shipping any of these items right to your doorstep.

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